Safeguarding Policy

The safety of children attending our competitions is of paramount importance to us. The following steps will be taken at all of our events to ensure that children receive a safe and positive experience:

  • A venue risk assessment will be undertaken before the doors open to the public. This will include checking fire exits clear, checking for spillages or hazards, checking room temperature, checking toilet facilities adequate, checking if disability friendly etc
  • It will be made clear to dance schools attending that all children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will be responsible for them for the duration of the event.
  • It will be made clear to dance schools attending that all children must be well and fit for competition.
  • Before the start of each section of the competition, we will have a 10 minute session where dancers have the opportunity to use the dance floor to warm up and prepare themselves for physical activity. We will advise that this must take place on the competition dance floor.

All dancers should have fit for purpose clothing and footwear.

There will be a team of licensed chaperones present at all events who will overlook the activity and behaviour of people in attendance. They will monitor the following and report any concerns to the event organiser immediately and appropriate action will be taken:

  • Fire exits remain clear
  • Aisles and gangways remain clear
  • Venue temperature suitable
  • Toilet facilities adequate
  • Children not getting changed in public areas
  • Children are warming up in the designated area
  • Spectators observing video policy
  • Children are being supervised by their parent/guardian at all times
  • Dancers are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Teachers behaving appropriately and following our code of conduct
  • Watching for any unusual or suspicious activity
  • There will be first aiders available throughout the competition
  • The sale of entry wristbands for the events will only be via the dance schools attending. No entry wristbands will be sold to the general public. Our door staff will not permit anyone to enter without an entry wristband

All Nations Dance has a ‘Code of Conduct’ in place to ensure that visiting teachers behave in an appropriate manner around children. This includes not swearing, not drinking alcohol, not taking drugs and behaving respectfully towards other dancers and teachers. Also for teachers to avoid any communication with children from other dance schools. This is given on the teachers area of our website.

All staff working as part of the organisation team at All Nations events will have a current DBS check and hold recognised training in safeguarding.

Please note any breaches may involve external agencies being informed.


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