All Nations
Set Routines

All Nations set routines are created by us for dance teachers to use in classes and lessons. These routines are usually 16, 24 or 32 bars long and typically repeat 3-5 times over the chosen music.

Dance teachers can use these fabulous routines for new class content with the opportunity to give their students the chance to compete within their own age & ability range in the 3 styles

  • Commercial Latin
  • Commercial Ballroom
  • Commercial Classical

These 3 dance styles have been created by taking the figures used in Latin, Ballroom & Classical and fusing them with other styles including Commercial/ Street, Lyrical, Contemporary & Salsa to create fabulous choreography that dancers will love and you will love teaching.

How to book our events & access our routines- Please note that the routines are only available to dance teachers and not directly to students. We release a new bank of routines (approximately 20 dances across the 3 styles) every few months which can be purchased for class work. For dance schools entering students in our events, routines will be sent free of charge. Dance teachers, please get in touch for more information on this.

Why do our set routines work so well?


Let us take away the hassle of deciding what to teach! Our set routine choreography & music choices means teachers need little planning time for classes. The style should attract new dancers to your classes and the events should help maintain class attendance.


Let us take away one of the biggest expenses in Ballroom dancing. Our restrictions on competition attire means this style is really affordable for everyone to enter. It’s purely about the dancing!


All our sections are solo based. Dancers can compete without the commitment or difficulties of finding or retaining a partner. Teachers no longer need to dance with 20 students during 1 class!


Everyone is catered for at our events from a once a week hobby dancer to an experienced competitor. We have categories for adults and additional support needs too. 



No experience teaching the Ballroom subjects? Or highly qualified and just wanting to offer something new in your school? Either way you will love the routines and be able to teach them. 


The UKA new syllabus( due out mid 2021) will include information for including these styles from Introductory to Higher Awards in your Medal test system. 

We have been teaching the All Nations style and Choreography since early 2020. It was an instant success in our School and has been a big hit with our dancers of all ages. A few of the many reasons our students love it include: great choice of popular music, fun and challenging routines, opportunity for dancers to work on performance and style as a solo dancer and also there is no need for a partner so no-one gets excluded! For our teachers having the syllabus readily available has cut down lesson planning and choreography time and also makes Ballroom & Latin very easy to teach without worrying about partnering. A final point to add is the huge difference it has made to us during lockdown and social distancing. It is perfect for delivering via online lessons and when partnering is not possible. Most importantly it has kept our dancers moving and smiling through this last year.​

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