Wristband Policy

Wristbands must be securely fastened before arrival at our events and must be ready for inspection on arrival and throughout the event.

All attendees including dancers & spectators must purchase a wristband for our events (except babies & toddlers age 3 or younger who aren’t competing in the event).  Dance teachers may apply for a complimentary wristband.

Please see individual event programmes for prices  (usually £18-£25).

All wristbands must be ordered in advance through dance teachers for their school. Dancers/ spectators cannot order their own wristbands independently.

Wristbands can be ordered any time from when the event is advertised. This is usually 8-12 months before the competition. Dance teachers have until 10 days before the event to return any unwanted wristbands from their school. This 10 day period allows us to pass these wristbands on to any schools in need of extra wristbands. Please note that we will not accept more than 20% of wristbands initially ordered as returns. We will not accept any wristband returns at all on the day of the event. Any unwanted wristbands not returned to us 10 days before the event will be charged for in full. We always recommend using recorded delivery so you can be sure we have received them.

Wristbands may be purchased on the day of the competition subject to availability (at the door price which is usually slightly more). For safeguarding reasons the door bands will only be available to anyone attending with a dance school that is registered to attend that specific event.  

Lost, forgotten or damaged wristbands will not be replaced. Any tickets that have been left at home must be re purchased at the event. You can fill in a refund form if this happens and send the wristbands back to us within 2 weeks of the event for a refund (minus £3 admin charge per band). Tickets returned after the 2 week period will not be refunded. We recommend using recorded delivery when returning bands so you can be sure they have been received by us.

Teachers will be charged a deposit for booking on to our events. This deposit will not be refunded if you decide not to enter your school and cannot be transferred on to another event date.

 By booking your school and order wristbands for any event, you are agreeing to the above policy

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